Of course, finding a great life insurance company has to be done in tandem with finding a great life insurance policy. Life insurance, also called life cover, pays a lump sum or monthly income when someone dies. If you are diagnosed with a life-limiting or debilitating illness cover provides a lump sum. Life Insurance offers reassurance that your family could be protected financially should the worst happen.

Offer life insurance to cover you from a minimum of five years and up to your entire life. Once you have applied for life insurance, the insurance company will consider your request and decide whether to offer you cover or not. Borrowers can add critical illness cover to life insurance policies for an additional cost. And generally you’d get cover for children until they finish full time education.

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With hundreds of different insurers to choose from, finding the best life insurance provider can be a difficult task. Life insurance and critical illness insurance have no cash-in value at any time, and exclusions and limitations will apply. Life insurance Plans can be tailored with optional extras to provide added peace of mind. The life insurance policy might have been “written in trust”.

Term insurance can also be useful for covering periods of high expenditure, such as a mortgage or when you have growing children. You can buy this type of insurance on its own or as an addition to whole life, endowment or term insurance. Alternatively, the payment is made into a Ttrust fund, controlled by trustees, which is used to support the children.

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Customers who have bought expensive life and critical illness cover are not stuck with their existing policies. Obtaining a life Insurance policy can be difficult if you have a diagnosis of lupus. What is included will depend on what you agree with the insurer. Buying a life insurance policy from a bank or building society could mean wasting tens of thousands of pounds.

The life industry has a huge opportunity to become the retail interface between the workforce and pensioners, and their retirement savings. Term insurance gives you life Cover over a pre-agreed period of time. They never allow life insurance companies to get in the way of what’s best for customers. There are various ways to find insurance cover.

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A simple approach to life insurance aim is to make Life Insurance simple for everyone. Most life insurance plans have the option of including critical illness cover. The peace of mind it provides allows you to get on and enjoy life. Services are available through brokers, agencies and banks. If in doubt, tell the company and they will decide what is relevant.

This factsheet provides general information about life insurance, and recommend that you seek further information about life insurance if you are considering applying for cover. Insurers are not obliged to offer terms for life cover, so if they feel that someone is too high a risk, they will decline cover. Pays a benefit amount in addition to your family life cover benefit in the event of your accidental death.

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